Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion

Greyfriars Training is committed to ensure the talents and resources of employees and learners are utilised to the full and that no employee or student receives less favourable treatment on the ground of sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, social class, colour, race or ethnic origins or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be relevant to performance. Please read our full Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here for further information.

Health and Safety Statement

Greyfriars Training will endeavour to ensure that learning is delivered in a safe, healthy and supportive environment, and that students develop an awareness of hazards, an understanding of risks and control measures, and a set of safe behaviours and transferable skills. You can find our a copy of out read our full Health and Safety Policy here.


Greyfriars Training is committed to providing high quality training. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your training please you can report this and using the following Complaints Policy and procedure here.

Learner Admissions and Induction

Greyfriars Training regards student induction as an essential element of all courses. The aim of induction is to enable students to settle into the Institution quickly and help them to succeed in their chosen course. You can read our Learner Admissions and Induction Policy here.

Malpractice and Plagiarism

Greyfriars Training treats all cases of suspected malpractice and plagiarism very seriously and will investigate all suspected and reported incidents of possible malpractice. You can read our full Malpractice and Plagiarism Policy here.

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Greyfriars Training will ensure an environment in which children and vulnerable adults are safe. We achieve this through our Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy.